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Denver Eclectic Concerts premise is simple. It is eclectic quality, carefully curated.

That’s more to us than just a cute alliteration. It is the driving force behind every artist we host, and it’s the belief that even though cream rises to the top it still may need to be thoughtfully and artfully presented.

Denver has a new abundance of choices when it comes to music. What gets us excited, what really leads our decisions is the belief that content is more important than form, that how you look, how young or old, how new or established is not nearly as important as how you touch people with your music.

Our simple biased belief is that handmade music does this better than any other music. And we know that Denver has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to thoughtful, expert musicians. We want you to come hear them, talk to them in a more informal setting. We think you’ll find out why the music salons in days of old were such exciting incubators of creativity. It surely had something to do with the amount of personal connection between the creators and their audience.

Denver Eclectic, proud sponsor of our artists, in our city, a “City on the Rise”.

Susan Cahill and Scott Higgins, Co-Directors, Denver Eclectic Concerts

Performer, composer and educator Susan Cahill has been a double bassist with the Colorado Symphony since 1997. Her compositions have been featured in venues across the west, and she has held faculty positions at Tulane University, and the University of Denver. For more info, visit susancahill.com.

Percussionist and composer Scott Higgins is a member of the Colorado Ballet Orchestra, and was a composer for and member of the American roots band Boulder Acoustic Society for many years. His compositions have been performed nationwide. His percussion works are published by TapSpace, and his recordings with the Boulder Acoustic Society can be found on iTunes.

In 2007, Eclectic Concerts was granted status as a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation whose mission is to provide this rare mix of musical styles and genres for the enjoyment and education of the general public.

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